6 things to remember while building your website!

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Are you businessman, doctor, company personnel or owner of  school and you’re in need of a website and want it to be your dream website, I know getting a website of dream is not as easy as drawing a layout for it. So, get ready after reading this article you will have a exact idea how you’re going to get your dream website made that too in a budget.


Ask WhyThere can be more than one reason to this question, firstly, to give your offline activities an online presence that too a effective one so that visitor takes interest in your products and services you offer them.

Secondly, you want to use growing use of internet for your benefit by exploring new markets and going nation wide seller with your own brand.

Thirdly, you can automate your selling or appointment process by giving ease to your customers and clients. This will give your business a better experience.

As a school or educational institute, you can leverage the benefit of Learning Management System in your organisation and get recognize as online study brand.

You must define a purpose for your website so that when it gets launched you can check weather it fulfills the initials of the purpose or not.



coloursColours make our life beautiful and vibrant thats too a fact with virtual things like websites, apps, portals etc. While making your site you must define a particular set of colours which can work like a theme and make choosing colours of various elements easy, fast and don’t let glitch happen.

For example while making website for a brand or a company, you can set colour scheme a bit similar to its logo. That’s most commonly used method of doing the same. Yet decision is yours, choose wisely.

Hint : If you like bright colour cause its fancy please preview it once to confirm it looks good. Light colours deliver more sophisticated and better user experience.

Design Yourself or Hire A Designer? #3

web designMost of us want to save our hard earned money, and why not if you can do that what loosing the potential. There are many website providing free space and website builders, there are no contradictions to use it because its free… But, its free upto certain limits! And that too with limited features and branding and advertisment from the website giving its space for free…here are 36 reasons why you don’t go with free website

You will get a sub domain not the actual domain from these sites… So, if you want make a business site or a company portfolio and want to look authentic and genuine must hire a designer! It won’t cost tons of money but a small fraction of your benefit you can yield through it.

Get online in just Rs. 4000 now! Exclusive offer here only.

You can learn wordpress, html and css to build site for yourself but you will spend time plus money on that too…

Which hosting to choose? #4

best webhostingIf you decided to build your site by yourself, you will have to buy hosting space to place your site and a domain name to access that space without IP address of the hosting space. You can buy web hosting or use some free webhost 000webhost to try with limitation.

We strongly recommend to buy it from milesweb to ensure proper support and best ever service. If you are looking for international hosting we recommend fastcomet. Depending upon your needs you can take up powerful cloud hosting from aws and Google Cloud. De To get deep knowledge about hostings read here…

What technology to use? #5

webprogramming_large Now in this question effect most of your efforts, now you have a hosting and a domain. Now you need webpages for your site. How you are gonna use your site, the purpose will suggest which platform, cms, language or framework your site will use.

Basic languages that are needed are HTML, CSS, a bit JavaScript and a lot more depending upon functions to be carried out by it.

CMS like wordpress, Magneto, and phpcart can be used to create dynamic sites rapidly.

To optimize it for best performance a good quality host is mandatory. Enlightenbrains recommend a few host to everyone because of customer support and features.

Apart from making, to market your site and analyse the traffic you will need a few plugins and services.


395_web_updatesNow the site is made, it needs to be updated and filled with required information who will do that is a big question. Now the decision we took earlier about technology will affect us here.

If site is built on CMS, it can be managed easily for future updates but if its made on template html and css, it will be a bit harder to manage the pages and updates in near future.

If you hired a designer he can manage the website for small cost. It will save you a lot of time and effort plus work  will be at best.

Managing is still very important as website with old data and less updates cannot retain a long lasting user.

These were the 6 things to remember while building your  dream website, so go ahead and chat with us your project. And we’ll start your project within 24 Hours.

Happy Websiting… 🙂





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